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Rocker Arm install ( HOW TO )

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Rocker Arm install ( HOW TO )

Post by 4SPEED on Sat May 08, 2010 5:06 pm

Before I show you how I was shown how to install rockers, mine are not stock. if you are using stock rockers you just torque them to 20lbs and your done.
I am using a 1.52 roller tipped rocker with 7/16" BBC studs, stock push rods.
one way to set the lash is to run the nuts down to were they are just barley snug. and run the engine and set the lash of each rocker wile it running. this is way to messy, oil runs every ware .
I will try to show the best I can, how to set the lash with the engine not running.

first you need to find the #1 TDC (top dead center) pull all the spark plugs out, ( easier to turn ) and turn the crank to bring up the timing mark to zero. then pull the distributor cap off to see if the rotor is on the #1 plug wire. if its on #6 turn the crank one more time bringing it back to zero. and check under the cap to confirm your on #1 If this is a new build make sure both dots on the timing gears are up before the timing cover gos on.

once that is done you can set the lash or install your new rockers on the #'s 1,2,5,7 intake valve and #'s 1,3,4,8 exhaust valves.
here is what it will look like for the #1 cylinder @ TDC.
drivers side

pass side

use assembly grease to install all the parts. a cam lube is fine if its a running engine. but on a new build and the motor will be setting for a few months, use assembly grease. oils will run down off the parts in a few days. put grease on the ball before installing them and I dip the roller tip into a thick gear oil.

to to set the lash you, turn the push rod with your fingers while turning the nut. once you feel the presser on the rod stop (this is zero lash)

once there turn the nut a 1/2 turn to set a positive lash. I put the ratchet on facing south and turn it straight north , 1/2 turn and your done.

now to do the others you need to bring the #6 to TDC , turn the crank 1 time to bring the timing mark back to zero. now your rotor should be on the #6 plug wire.
repeat the steps above for the #'s 3,4,6,8 intake valves and #'s 2,5,6,7 Exhaust valves.
then your done

if you use a poly lock nuts you do this the same except the poly nut will have a allen set screw on the end that is tightened to the stud to lock it in place. I used bbc studs and nuts so I can use my stock valve covers. with poly locks you will need a taller cover.

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Re: Rocker Arm install ( HOW TO )

Post by mr71transam on Sat May 08, 2010 5:11 pm

Another Great write up. And thanks again. Keep them comming.

Rick H

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Re: Rocker Arm install ( HOW TO )

Post by 69_RAG_TOP on Sun May 09, 2010 11:06 pm

Thanks for the detailed write up on installing rocker arms and adjustments for lash.

I think that this article may be moved to the All Generation Technical Forum since it is applicable to most first, second and third gen applications.

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Re: Rocker Arm install ( HOW TO )

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