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(how to) gauge the water pump plate to the impeller

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(how to) gauge the water pump plate to the impeller

Post by 4SPEED on Sat May 08, 2010 5:01 pm

(how to) gauge the water pump plate to the impeller
I have a new pump with the steal impeller. some are cast some are steal. some people like the cast impellers, they say they pull more water.
I dont know. I have used them both, and as long as you space the plate to the impeller tight. your golden.

here is a pic of one I didn't gauge, its called a steam chamber. the impeller and the plate is to far apart and it wont prime itself . it will push some coolant but your motor temp will be about 215 or higher. this one ran at 225 temp.

you can see the coolant level in the pump, the top had steam or air presser in it and the gap at the plate and impeller was to big to let the pump suck the coolant from the rad.

how to.
take the pulley and use it for a stand for the pump. bolt the gasket and plate on the pump.

I use a hard rubber or peening hammer. I tap it down around the outside first to bring it down to the impeller. if you start to hit the impeller thats fine for now.

then move to the center. peen it down and turn the pump at the same time , so to here if it's rubbing the impeller.
when peening the outside part first and got into the impeller the center peening will raze it up off it.
if not , take it off and tap it back the other way.

I use a razor blade to gauge the space. you can get tools to check it but the razor blade work fine.
I took this plate from a 1/4" gap to a little more than this blade

use a little bit of black silicone ( little bit ) put it on the gasket and use your finger. push it on the gasket and wipe you finger off as you go.
if you put it on and let it mush out, you have a mess. and also the amount that came out also came out on the inside. and will at some point get stuck in your radiator.

for the Rubber Sleeves and tubes
I have seen guys put silicone on them. don't . all they are for is to keep the ware of the hot coolant off the timing cover. they wont leak and if they did the water isnt going any were but in the block.
putt a little oil on the rubber like you would a oil filter.

silicone both sides of both gaskets and install

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Re: (how to) gauge the water pump plate to the impeller

Post by mr71transam on Sat May 08, 2010 5:05 pm

Great write up. Thanks

Rick H

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