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Eddie Barra is selling his Incredible '86 TA

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Eddie Barra is selling his Incredible '86 TA

Post by Brother Al on Thu Jul 18, 2013 12:49 pm

I've personally seen this car... its just incredible how much attention to detail he put into this car...nothing on this car can rust... its either painted, plated, or stainless... lots of 24k Gold plating... Ed is a pretty nice guy... wonder why he's selling.

Most people in the Hudson Valley and surrounding area know me and or my 86 transam. Yes its me Eddie Barra and Sadly im forced to sell it for a few reasons. Interior all material and plastic is original from 86seats are recaroRadio is by mitsubishi ( black numbers gold back round ) perfect colors for my theme ;-)Steering wheel is by billet specialities called a Taladega ( matches my rims ) Steering colum is a tilt and ignitionless all alm. and is totally chromed plated and built by the company called ( Idid it )Remounted the ignition key above the radio the ignition switch is billet alm. also Gauges are by VDO there the Phantom VDO series there the white faced series with red back lighting and the speed odometer is cable fed and not computer fed and all other gages are hard wired because I removed the computer and all of the wiringGauges they are set in black mirrored plexi glassRadio face plate and shift plate are lazer cut in mirrored stainless, Shift plate has 3 switches in it. The Rear one is my fuel pump and the front 2 is for my 3 coolant6 fans. One is for my puller fan and the other is for my two pusher fansB&M Mega shifter with a positive reverse lock out all chrome and 24k gold platedRear view mirror is a billet alm. eagles head Rear inside mounted battery in T top storage area in the valley in a chrome battery boxI removed the driveshaft and ran the positive in the shaft valley and the ground to the shortest path to rear frame.Body my design and painted by Arthur Phillip Scranton PA. Airbrushing by Pooch of Tobyhanna PAWhole new look I took GM'c black and gold theme and made my own design with there same theme but my colors. I tore the whole car down in Arts shop doing 12-14 hour days every fri to Sunday for 3 months . Art worked his magic and I reassymbed the car all in his shop in 3 months time.Painted same code as in 86 ( 8222 ) 6 coats black 4 coats clearAreo package is Duponts Chromeilusion ( one word ) Blasberry and the stripe on top is also Duponts but it is called Pure Fire Prisiom. Each color has 5 prisims each total 10 color flip.Sand Blasted phoenix on rear window ( from Pat Whittaker ) very sad loss to us as he passed. That's tinted ( filled in with the chromeilusion paint ).Rear phoenix ( key hole ) dismantled and painted chromeilusion both colors the sail panels the airbrushed Pontiac logo is split in the middle and looks 3-d and its painted in both blasberry and pure fireprisim. The Hood was cut for the Weiand intake system. and fully smoothed underneath and painted in both blasberry and pure fireprisim. Reinforced hole and Art also fabricated a curved raising lip at the windshield end Had to we make a lot of mods to make the hood workThe eagel is my design all hand done not stenceld ( airbrushed ) in Duponts chromeilusion colors also house of kolor candys pearls and metallics. The eagle ( God ) is tearing open the grave with his talons ( the hole ) of Chief Pontiac and his tribe. you'll see a lot of little red dots that's the eyes of skulls. That's His tribe behind him. There getting resurrected from the dead. The paint peeling away and chips is a mirror of the chromeilusion paint from the underside of the hood .Still the original rubber rear wing and yes 3rd break light works.Drive train including tires rims.Trans by Dean at Pro built transmissions. Poughkeepsie NY The rear is the stock 2:73's with a gold plated cover and chrome bolts and the tranny is a 700 R4 with a polished bell housing rebuilt with heavy dutyer insides with a B&M street and strip stage 2 shift kit. Speedo cable drive gear change for rim sizeChrome plated Tranny pan and chromed cross member24k Gold plated shifting linkageB&M Shift cable trans to shifterRims are custom cut Billet Specialities Taladegas now called ( GTX-35's ) 18x9.5 rear 18.8 fronts. Again they match my steering wheel.Tires are Michelin PilotsCalipers are stock but painted in duponts pure fireprisim. rorots are slotted and the slots are filled in with the pure fireprisim alsoMotor and whole engine compartment designed by me help by Ron Arico poughkeepsie ny andPaul Puzza Hopewell junction NYS.B. Chevy zz3 over 400 hp 10:1 compressionTotaly embossed engine compartment in mirrored stainles by Paul Puzza and meWeiand tunnel ram intake top plenum is 24k gold platedbottom ( intake ) tripple chromedHilbourne Scoop chrome plated 24k gold plated filter screen and screws.Holley 390 Carbs. all 24k gold plated and tripple chromed linkage. Fuel fed by a Holly red 7 psi electric fuel pump and that's fed into a ( had to tweak ) a doubble fuel runner and tweaked carb fuel lines with a pressure gauge at the carb end with red ends. The 390's come with conventional bowls. So I orderd a float and bowl kit. Ron and I built them into Cathedrial bowl carbs with the big float bowls for the bigger carb look and reduced the power valves to 5.5's for less fuel flow because the cam is only a 235 lift and a 480 duration.Gold plaetd ARP intake bolts. Morosso valve covers gold plate with chrome billet alm. breathers and chrome hold down boltsThe lifters are by Comp cams there roller rockers Totally polished Alm. heads I fogot the valve CC sizes im sorry.Creamicoated Cyclone headers long tubs style with true dual exhaust with glass packsCRS chrome and gold plated 360 degree thermostat housing Chrome Cool Flex hoses with gold plated endsAlternator chromed with billett alm. pullyand fanA total march pully system and all brackets are All billet alm. and hardwear is chrome or gold platedWhite 8 mm taylor wires ( i attached to the firtewall ) and runs to na MSD ignition system, Chrome coil trimmed in blasberry and a blasberry painted distributor cap and a billett alm. polished distributor with a 24k gold crowsfoot hold down with chrome plated break booster with a billet alm. valve with a chrome plated reservoir and proportioning valve.Radiator support by Martin Gabio Stamfordville NY .We all know the eye sore the the 3rd gen radiator supports so I designed a ( 1 year in the making one off ) A Lazer cut mirrored stainless piece that's not only a cover but functional as the top tabs hold the radiator in place and cut for the hood adjusters.Gold plated nose brace.Gold plated headlight brackitry . ( spelling )Radiator is a beecool 3 core all aluminum all polished with 3 electric fans on relays. 2 pushers in front and 1 puller inside ( engine comp. ) inside fan cage is gold plated.Water pump is chrome platedStrut towers are 24k gold plated and chromed caps.Fenderwells are painted blasberry with airbrushed eagle heads.March pulleys billett alm. power steering pump Sway bar 24k gold platedBlasberry painted idler arm and steering box.A total Borgenson chromed steering set up. The steering rod between the end of the column and steering box is all chrome and all of the steering joints are also chromed.Paul fabbed. an eagel to cover the hole in the firewall for the sterering column , that's painted in blasberry. Totaly polished stainless tranny and radiator and break linesLokar dip sticks Totally wireless engine compartment. I ran all wires through the sub frame. That was a 3 day job itself .I designed it and built it it is a 100,000.00 car to build. SERIOUS ONLY PLEASE home 727 eight 5 six four 9 two 8 cell is 845 nine zero 5 two 891and internet is my86ta24k at aye oh el dot com

1984 Y84 Trans Am S/E "Recaro Edition" L69 H.O., T-5, 3:73, G80, 54K orig miles
Last of the RPO Y84 Black and Gold Trans Am S/E's"
May the Tin Indian and JZD Rest in Peace
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