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Auction Results

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Auction Results

Post by Steve on Sun Jan 30, 2011 1:02 pm

Quite a few birds on the Mecum auction. Interesting results. My take was that either they had too many '69 Trans Ams or this is the time to buy a '69 if you're interested in that model:

1968 Firebird Convertible: $16,500. Not much info given.
1969 Firebird 400, fresh engine rebuild and new paint: $21,500. In resale red with black vinyl top.
1969 Trans Am replica: $20,500. The economy must have hit the replca market hard. The car had a 350 which hurt it.
1969 Firebird Convertible with non-OE 455: $24,000. Good money. Convertibles always seem to sell.
1969 Trans Am Automatic: Not sold at $70,000. Was it the automatic or are the big ticket cars just depressed right now?
1969 Firebird 400, 19000 miles concours restoration: $55,000. Featured in HPP Oct 1995. Collectors will pop for perfect cars.
1969 Firebird 400 Convertible: $26,500. In yellow, nice money.
1969 Trans Am Ram Air V: $90,000. Yes it's a Ram Air V offerred as a crate motor from Pontiac in '69. This is no where near a Ram Air IV number and less than Ram Air III numbers but see the
previous TA with Ram Air III. Prices are down. SO if you come across a rare Ram Air V motor pass on it.
1969 Trans Am Ram Air III Automatic: Not sold at $60,000.
1970 Trans Am Automatic: Not sold at $28,000. No details.
1973 Trans Am 455 (Non-SD): $37,000. This was the Brewster Green one Martin had his eye on.
1974 Formula 400, believed to be 44,000 original miles: $14,250. Formula's just aren't bring TA money. The "believed to be" is a discount as well.
1974 Trans Am Super Duty 455, believed to be 24k original miles: Not sold at $54,000. The "Blieved to be" is always hurtful to the deal. The car was white and chickenless. White cars need the bird
I think. This is catastrophically low money for an SD.
1976 455 Trans Am, white: $30,500. From the PHS collection with 53,000 miles.
1976 Trans Am 455: $20,000. In Carousel Red (Orange) with a 455. Good money for a '76.
1978 Gold Trans Am hardtop (non SE): not sold with a high bid of $16,000. Not bad for an undocumented car with miles exempt.
1978 Trans Am HArdtop, Silver: $25,000. This is big money for a hard top but has the W-72. Listed as a full nut and bolt restoration
1978 Trans Am Black and Gold W72 Automatic: $21,000. Not listed as a true SE.
1979 Trans AM 403: Slight custom $10,000. The custome market was never big for second gens.
1979 Black and Gold SE, Olds 403: $27,000. This is big money for a 403, no miles listed but had an NOS interior.
1979 Black Trans Am: $11,000. No engine listed but I assume it was a 403. A 400 should bring 5 or 6k more.
1979 Trans Am 403, 6237 miles: $29,000. Huge money for a 403 hardtop. Heritage Brown usually does not command the big money. Has 60% original paint but wears incorrect T/A 6.6 hood scoop
1979 Tenth Anniversary 400/4 Speed, 16k miles: $31,500. Good money for a cool car.
1980 Turbo Pace Car, 49,000 miles: $19,500. A subject near and dear to my heart.
1980 Turbo Pace Car, all original 5805 miles with original owner: $22,500. This is pretty low for a car that still smells new.
1989 GTA Automatic, 16,629 believed to be actual miles: $16,500.
1994 25th Anniversary T-Top: $8500. Not many details.
1994 25th Anniversary trans Am Convertible, 12k miles: $24,000. 1 of 250 made, here is your 4th gen investment.
1997 Firebird with 382/480hp: $9000. That's a little better than used car money.
1999 Trans Am 30th Anniversary Convertible 5870 miles: $30,000. Another 4th gen investment.
2002 Trans Am T-Top WS6, 88k miles: $13,500.

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Re: Auction Results

Post by Christian on Fri Feb 25, 2011 6:19 pm

I just borrowed this for our site...
Mecum`s site doesn`t let you copy and paste for some reason


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Re: Auction Results

Post by BanditRich on Sun Feb 27, 2011 4:41 pm

The black & gold 78 was originally an Esprit turned into a Bandit tribute car.

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Re: Auction Results

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